Monday, March 6, 2017

Forever in Print

I attended the Restore Omaha conference over the weekend. In part to see what other people were doing with their old homes. But mainly to see if I could learn anything to help me with future projects. Turns out I got a third, unexpected bonus as part of the weekend. 

Friday night was the awards banquet. There was a silent auction in which I bid on a number of items. However, I wasn't able to make it over to the corner, where an easel was set up, due to the crowd forming around it. I decided to wait to see what was over there until just before the bidding closed. And boy, am I glad I waited.

I saw that it was a print, and I thought, "well that's not something I need, but I'll take a look anyhow". I am so glad I did!  One of the ladies in my neighborhood had drawn the "Houses of Aksarben Neighborhood" and down in the last row, right in the middle, was my little house! I was so excited I almost squealed. I refrained though; it was a semi formal affair! 

This has to be the best thing I've ever bought. Or won, rather, because I did win it! And soon I'll frame it and it'll have a special place of honor in the house. The house I was meant to restore, for some reason. One day, it'll tell me. Until then, I'll continue to make my project list and prioritize the things she needs. 

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